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Looking Ahead Summer 2014 issue published

The Summer 2014 issue of Looking Ahead, Amaravati’s newsletter, is now published and available for download on our new Newsletters webpage. This issue of Looking Ahead includes information about Ajahn Sumedho’s birthday celebrations and the 30th Anniversary of Amaravati monastery this summer.


posted 20 Jul 2014

Sunday Afternoon Talks 2014 (13th July to 5th October)

In keeping with an established tradition, Amaravati Buddhist Monastery will be offering Sunday afternoon Dhamma talks during the traditional three-month ‘Rains Retreat’ which runs from the full moon of July until to the full moon of October.

The talks will take place every Sunday beginning on the 13th of July and continuing through until the 5th of October. The talks commence at 2.00pm (in the Sala) and will be followed by 15 minute a break for tea (3pm). Then the afternoon will continue with a period of questions and answers.

The Sunday talks will be as follows:
13th July     “Marananussati—contemplations of death”                      Ajahn Amaro

20th July     “Believing in assumptions versus reality”                        Ajahn Sundara

27th July     “The way it is”                                                        Luang Por Sumedho

3rd Aug       “The blessings of this human life”                                Ajahn Amaro

10th Aug     “If you truly love me, don’t create me in your mind”            Ajahn Amaro

17th Aug     “Wisdom and Samadhi”                                          Ajahn Kalyano

24th Aug     “How to stop thinking”                                            Ajahn Sundara
31st Aug     “Work and the path”                                              Ajahn Amaro

7th Sept       “I am the owner of my Kamma”                                  Ajahn Bodhipala

14th Sept     Topic to be decided                                               Ajahn Nyanarato

21st Sept     “Letting go versus getting rid of”                                Ajahn Sundara

28th Sept     “What is the best religion?”                                      Ajahn Amaro

5th Oct         “Gratitude to parents”                                            Ajahn Nyanarato


posted 12 Jul 2014


Please note that we have a speed limit of 30 mph from the turn off the A4146 through the village and on to St Margaret’s Lane where the monastery is situated. We are in a quiet residential area. Please respect our neighbours, who generously tolerate the traffic that passes through to the monastery, by slowing down. Thank you.

posted 21 May 2014

Forest Sangha Newsletter 2014

The 2014 issue of Forest Sangha Newsletter is now available for download by clicking here. The Forest Sangha Newsletter represents the monasteries founded by Luang Por Sumedho, with an emphasis on those in Britain. It is currently published once a year.

posted 30 Nov 2013

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posted 01 Oct 2012

Luang Por Sumedho’s 80th Birthday at Amaravati

Luang Por Sumedho will be returning to the UK and to Amaravati for his 80th birthday on 27th July. He will be here at the monastery from 20 - 30th July. He will also be returning to Amaravati to be with the community for the Kathina ceremony in the autumn.

During Luang Por's July visit, there will be a schedule of events as follows:

Wednesday 23rd - Friday 25th July ---

5am morning pūjā in the Temple

9 - 11am Morning group practice in the temple.

Luang Por Sumedho will be giving reflections in the temple at 9am

11:30am Meal offering

2 - 5pm Open schedule (individual practice)

7:30pm Evening pūjā

Saturday 26th July ---

New moon Uposatha Day

9 - 11am Temple closed for the Patimokkha recitation

11:30am Meal offering and anumodana (blessing) in the Temple

2pm Meditation workshop

7:30pm Evening pūjā, Dhamma talk and midnight vigil

Sunday 27th July ---

7:15am Breakfast with Luang Por Sumedho in the Sālā

10:15am Ācariya Pūjā in the temple

11:30am Meal offering and anumodana (blessing) in the temple

2 - 3pm Sunday Talk "The Way It Is" by Luang Por Sumedho in the Temple

3 - 3:30pm Tea

3:30 - 4:30pm Q & A

There will also be the unveiling of the portrait of Luang Por Pannavaddho (see below) during the day, at a time to be decided.

Day visitors are very welcome to come to the monastery during Luang Por's visit. For overnight stays, the accommodation is now limited due to advanced bookings. However, please contact the Guest Monk or Guest Nun if you have an interest in staying during this time, as guests are welcome to stay if they are able to bring their own tents and bedding.

posted 12 Jul 2014

Suspension of Saturday Evening Dhamma Talks

During the Vassa period, while the Sunday afternoon talks are taking place, the Saturday evening Dhamma talks will no longer be scheduled. There will continue to be evening puja on Saturdays beginning, as usual, at 7.30pm with chanting, followed by silent meditation.

posted 11 Jul 2014

The International Elders’ Meeting 2014 at Amaravati

Luang Por Liem and Luang Por Sumedho as well as over 100 monks and nuns from all corners of the globe were present for the International Elders’ Meeting which took place over six days at the end of May at Amaravati.

This auspicious gathering gave an opportunity for the Sangha as well as many guests and visitors to hear Dhamma talks from Luang Por Liem, Luang Por Sumedho and other respected Elders of the Forest Sangha.

During this week, the abbots of the many branch monasteries of the Forest tradition were able to meet together to discuss a number of important issues relevant to Sangha life. Larger gatherings during this time enabled the Elders of the various communities to discuss important topics relevant to samanas and to monastic life in the 21st century. Some meetings were also open to all the monks and nuns, samaneras, anagarikas and anagarikaas resident within the monastery and gave an opportunity for all to contribute and to meet with one another.

posted 13 Apr 2014

Amaravati’s long-term plans

Scale model of Amaravati plans

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery has recently unveiled plans to redevelop the site, replacing the original wooden buildings built in 1939.


posted 29 Nov 2013