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Anagārika and anagārikā ‘Going Forth’ ceremonies

On Saturday 26th April, Chris Iverson and Piero Mattei will be requesting the Anagārika ‘Going Forth’, formally asking to live within the monks’ community for one year on the Eight Precepts.
Also on Sunday 4th May Crystal (Han Kiang) Tan and Sabine Scherer will be requesting the Anagārikā ‘Going Forth’, formally asking to live within the nuns’ community for one year on the Eight Precepts.

These auspicious ceremonies will take place during the regular evening pūjā, commencing at 7.30 p.m. in the Amaravati Temple. All are most welcome to attend.

posted 13 Apr 2014

Visiting Elders

Luang Por Liem and Luang Por Sumedho will be returning to Amaravati this year. They will be attending the Wesak celebration and the International Elders’ Meeting in May. Luang Por Sumedho will also be here with us for his 80th birthday on 27th July, as well as for the Kathina ceremony in the autumn. See below for the dates of the Elders’ stay at Amaravati. 

Luang Por Liem 16 - 31st May
Luang Por Sumedho 16th May - 13th June; 20 - 30th July

posted 13 Apr 2014

International Elders’ Meeting

There will be a gathering of the Abbots of the Forest Sangha monasteries taking place this year at Amaravati monastery. The Elders will formally be meeting from 26 - 31st May. Click below for further details.

There will be approx. 60 visiting theras (senior monks) from around the world attending the meeting, as well as approx. 30 resident theras, and more junior and novice monks staying at Amaravati at this time. Also, as well as the resident community of nuns, there will be a few visiting theris (senior nuns). Many lay supporters of the monasteries will be visiting and staying at this time.


posted 01 Apr 2014

Amaravati’s long-term plans

Scale model of Amaravati plans

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery has recently unveiled plans to redevelop the site, replacing the original wooden buildings built in 1939.


posted 29 Nov 2013

Vesākha Pūjā Celebrations (Wesak)

The annual Vesākha Pūjā (Wesak) celebrations at Amaravati will take place on Sunday, 18 May 2014. On this day we will celebrate Wesak, or Vesākha Puja, commemorating the three key events in the Buddha’s life that are traditionally considered to have taken place on the full moon of May: his birth, Awakening, and Final Nibbāna.

This year respected Elders Luang Por Sumedho and Luang Por Liem will be at Amaravati for this occasion.

We will commence the celebration with a rice-pindapat (almsround) sometime after 10.30 a.m., followed by the meal offering and a Dhamma Talk in the early afternoon. Everyone is welcome!

posted 13 Apr 2014

Looking Ahead Spring 2014 issue published

The Spring 2014 issue of Looking Ahead, Amaravati’s newsletter, is now published and available for download on our new Newsletters webpage. This issue of Looking Ahead is an expanded edition, including information about Ajahn Sumedho’s visits to the UK this year, the International Elders Meeting in May and the 30th Anniversary of Amaravati monastery this summer.


posted 07 Apr 2014

Forest Sangha Newsletter 2014

The 2014 issue of Forest Sangha Newsletter is now available for download by clicking here. The Forest Sangha Newsletter represents the monasteries founded by Luang Por Sumedho, with an emphasis on those in Britain. It is currently published once a year.

posted 30 Nov 2013

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