Vassa 2017 Sunday Dhamma Talks

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On Sunday July 9, the community entered the traditional three-month ‘Rains Retreat’ or Vassa which runs from the full moon of July to the full moon of October. In 2017, … Read More

Parking your Car at Amaravati

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To maintain good relations with our neighbours, we kindly request that any visitors to the temple park their cars inside the monastery grounds. Please do not park on the lane, … Read More

Typesetter Required

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Do you have typesetting skills that you’d like to use to bring Dhamma into print? Amaravati Publications produces a steady supply of Dhamma literature for free distribution, but our typesetter … Read More

Welcome to the new website

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The new website has been successfully switched on and is ready to be explored. The thinking behind the re-design was primarily to simplify the upkeep and updating of the site, … Read More

Request to all drivers

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Please note that we have a speed limit of 30 mph from the turn off the A4146 through the village and on to St Margaret’s Lane where the monastery is situated. We … Read More