Ajahn Chah’s 100th Birth Anniversary

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Between January the 12th and the 17th 2018, at Ajahn Chah’s main monastery, Wat Nong Pah Pong, some 1,200 monastics and 7,000 lay people gathered to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the great master’s birth.

The celebrations were opened with the dedication of a unique ‘Asoka style’ stone pillar, crafted over the last three years, at the very place in Bahn Gor Village where he was born in 1918. Each day following this there was communal meditation and three formal Dhamma talks at the Monastery, with the events culminating in a mass circumambulation of the stupa containing Ajahn Chah’s relics on the 16th of January, the day that he passed away.

It was a grand gathering of Ajahn Chah’s Dhamma community, from all around the world, and a unique opportunity to express the qualities of gratitude, respect and devotion to this Great Being. He had given his life in the service of teaching so many and it was a beautiful and inspiring opportunity for those who have been blessed to hear and practice his teachings to gather together and to rejoice in his life.

Part of the celebrations involved the distribution of two new biographies of Ajahn Chah — one pictorial, with text in Thai, and one narrative that was written in English, by Ajahn Jayasāro. Throughout this year there will be other events, and other publications distributed, at the various monasteries and centres around the world. Announcements will be made about these as and when details are finalised.

We are happy to announce that, as a contribution to the international commemorations, we are reprinting five of the collections of talks that introduced his teachings to the Western public. These include ‘Bodhinyana’ ‘ A Taste of Freedom’ and ‘Living Dhamma’. Anyone who wishes to participate in this project by offering financial support should contact [email protected]