For your Diaries – Open Retreat led by Luang Por Sumedho to be held in May 2020 (update)

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LP Sumedho Open Retreat 2017

To our delight, Luang Por Sumedho has accepted the invitation from the community to visit Amaravati in 2020. He is planning to stay for the month of May before returning to take up residence for the Vassa or rainy season. He has very generously offered to lead a retreat during his time here, so as in 2017, we are starting to plan for a large ‘Open Retreat’ to be held in the Temple from May 23 to May 31, 2020.

The retreat will be held in the Temple. Retreatants can stay at the monastery, with camping and some indoor accommodation available, or arrange to stay in nearby hotels, B&Bs etc.

There will be limited spaces reserved in the Temple for day visitors to come and join the meditation sessions. Dhamma talks will be relayed via a live video link to the sālā.

We will be looking for people willing to be ‘Event Helpers’, offering service with stewarding, kitchens, clearing up and the many tasks that will be needed to host a large group of people in a smooth and harmonious way. More information will be made available when bookings open in October.

Booking forms for Retreatants and for Event Helpers will be available on this website from 14 October 2019

For any general enquiries or offers of help during the retreat, use the enquiry form below to get in touch with the organising team.

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