Amaravati: closed from 14th September onward due to rising UK COVID-19 levels


To protect the vulnerable members of our close-knit community, we are closing Amaravati to visitors from 14th September onwards. If UK COVID levels come under control, we may be able to reopen in early October. We will post reopening dates and information about the Amaravati Kathina festival, to be held on 25th October, on the website as soon as these become clear.

We are sorry to disrupt the plans of those who have already booked visits to Amaravati and apologise for the short notice. The back gate will remain open for deliveries. Paritta chanting, refuges, and precepts will continue to be live-streamed each Sunday beginning at 11:15 am (see our calendar for more info), and all are warmly invited to explore this new form of practice with the community.

The COVID pandemic is a test of everyone’s patience. May we all grow in wisdom.

Offering Dāna and making deliveries

  • There is a table for deliveries and dāna by the back gate. You are welcome to leave your offerings there, together with any dedications to be read out at the meal blessing. 
  • During this time, it is more helpful to bring groceries and pre-packaged goods instead of cooked food.
  • Our latest Dana list
  • The back gate is usually opened at 6.30 am and locked around 5 pm.


There are no residential retreats scheduled for the remainder of 2020. For details of regular online teachings available at this time, please see the Events Calendar on our website

We will continue to update the community as things evolve and wish to express our gratitude for your continued support and kind observance. With all blessings for your continued health and well-being.