Amaravati Dhamma Talks – video and audio (updated 22 Oct)


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Dear Dhamma Friends,

We would like to make a small announcement with regards to our live stream schedule and also inform you how to access our audio and video material.

Moving to Youtube

We stopped using Vimeo and will be moving all the vidoes over to our revived Youtube channel. Please find our the latest videos there.

New Dhamma Talk Schedule from October onwards

We will stop live streaming the Q&A / Dhamma talk on Sundays which we started in April and ended in September. We will continue to record the dhamma talks that would be given on the observance days for the community and post them later on our Youtube channel and our audio library and podcasts (see below for more informaiton)

Live stream events

  • Every Sunday at 10:30am: paritta chanting and precepts giving and blessings for before the meal.
  • Kathina on Sunday 25th October at 13:15
    These can be found on our Youtube channel

Meditiation Workshop

The Saturday Online meditation workshop will continue, these are conducted with Zoom. For more information see our events calendar.

Receive the latest talks automatically: Podcasts and email

Some of you have perhaps subscribed to our Podcasts with your podcast app, so you can automatically receive our latest talks on your device. The podcast app will notify you whenever a new talk has been uploaded by us. Currently, you can find our Amaravati podcast on most popular platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts. Our main podcast called Amaravati Podcast will contain the latest talks that are given at Amaravati. Moreover, we have other podcasts which are dedicated to other topics like readings or meditation, or only talks of specific speakers like Ajahn Amaro or Ajahn Sumedho. Also, we have an email service to notify you once a new talk has been uploaded.

Audio Library

When one is looking for a specific speaker or a specific year, one could visit our extensive audio library that host almost 3500 talks. You can filter mainly by speaker, year or series. We are in the process of designing a more mobile-friendly the layout and hopefully can incorporate that soon.

If you have any feedback or if you have been listening or viewing our dhamma talks for a while we are happy to hear from you. You can fill in the form below.

Best wishes,



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