Amaravati Kathina 2018 – Call for Volunteers

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A Kathina Festival will be held at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery on Sunday, 18th November. The Kathina is a tradition that has been followed for over 2500 years. It takes place during the month following the end of the Vassa (the three months’ Rains Retreat). At the time of Kathina, lay followers make a special offering of the Kathina cloth and other requisites to the Sangha.

Kathina is a very happy, warm-hearted time for celebration. It is a time to come together, focusing on the single act of generosity of offering the cloth and other requisites.

If you are interested to join us in volunteering your time on Kathina Day, please contact Sumith Mestrige on 07392 519 446 or email him at [email protected]