Announcing Luang Por Sumedho’s retreat, the International Elders’ Meeting (IEM) and other events in May 2017

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May 2017 will be an eventful time at the monastery. Our founding teacher, Luang Por Sumedho, will be in residence and a schedule of public and other events is in preparation to coincide with his visit.  From May 5 to 28, we anticipate being joined by monastic and lay guests from all over the world.

The outline for the month’s events is

May 7 – Vesākha Festival

May 10 – Vesākha Pūjā – Full Moon of May

May 12 -19 – Luang Por Sumedho Open Retreat 

May 22-26 – IEM 2017 International Elders Meeting & Sangha Gathering

Preliminary information about the events and information for lay guests wishing to stay at the monastery during this period is available here