Amaravati Publications and other Forest monasteries have produced many teachings in print format. Many of these publications are available in the monastery. You can find them on the large bookshelf at the entrance to the Sala (see our sitemap for the Sala). All our own publications are also available in the monastery library.

The Publication costs are met by supporters, and they are therefore all for free distribution. Please help yourself to any publications which interest you when you visit the monastery.

Most of these publications are also available electronically, as are some older titles which are no longer in print. In the Dhamma Books collection you can search for books by author, year or language.

If you live in Britain, but aren’t close enough to one of our monasteries to collect a hard copy book, is dedicated to the free distribution of teachings (books and audio) in the Theravāda Buddhist tradition of Venerable Ajahn Chah. It is also an excellent source of audio and text Dhamma teachings, from Venerable Ajahn Chah and his disciples.

If you are interested in sponsoring a publication, please contact Amaravati Publications.

Free distribution book

Guide to different ebook formats

Printed teachings used to be available in pdf format for those who wanted to view them electronically. Now it is possible to read them on devices such as e-readers, tablets or smartphones, which have special software that can display texts in a more friendly and personal way, for example by allowing the user to change the font or font size, click on chapter indexes and search content. This is especially useful when travelling, or for those who require larger font sizes. To be able to make full use of these new possibilities, you can download the Mobi or Epub version of some of our publications. More than 100 titles in different languages are available, and they can be found here:-

  • ePub format is suitable for any Apple device, Android and also for e-readers
  • Mobi format is suitable for Kindle devices
  • PDF format is suitable for all types of electronic device

For more information, please visit this website for comparison of e-book formats.