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A One-day Conference Organised by TBSUK on June 22nd, 2019

A conference has been organised by the Theravada Buddhist Sangha in the UK (TBSUK) at Wat Santiwongsaram in Birmingham on June 22nd,2019. The pre-eminent translator of the Pali Tipitaka into English of our time, the Most Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi, will be the keynote speaker and will be speaking on ‘Inspiring Leadership in Challenging Times’ and themes relating the monastic Sangha’s role in the spread of Buddha-Dhamma. Following his talk there will be a panel discussion and in the evening a number of workshops. It will be a full day; the morning and afternoon sessions are open to Sangha and laity but the evening workshops are Sangha only.

This is a great opportunity to brainstorm and exchange ideas and experience on Buddhist leadership, an issue most relevant, especially to the Sangha in the UK, as effective and appropriate leadership is nowadays often called for in ways not previously experienced or thought of.

If you are interested to attend the conference please write an email to: [email protected] — NB there is limited space for members of the lay community so it might not be possible to accommodate all who wish to attend.