“In today’s discussion of Ego and Mine, I’d like to discuss fear. Fear is a form of suffering that hugely disturbs human well-being. Some of that fear ought not to … Read More


by Ajahn Sucitto Clarity and Calm

This is the audiobook of ‘Clarity and Calm’, the book written by Ajahn Sucitto and published in 2014 by Amaravati Publications. The eBook version can be found here https://www.amaravati.org/dhamma-books/clarity-and-calm/.


by Ajahn Amaro Amaravati 2020

This Dhamma talk with questions and answers was given by Ajahn Amaro on 21 June 2020 at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, UK. It’s an audio version that was firstly live-streamed as a video on https://vimeo.com/amaravativideo during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.