The Dhamma and the Real World

“What Does a Buddhist Monastic Know about Real Life, Anyway?” by Ajahn Amaro We are often asked, “What does a Buddhist monastic know about real life?” This is a very … Read More

Intuïtief Gewaarzijn

Introductie TWINTIG JAAR GELEDEN, in 1984, betrok de kersverse kloostergemeenschap van het Amaravati Buddhist Centre, een barakachtig onderkomen op een winderige heuveltop in Hertfordshire, Engeland. De naam van het nieuwe … Read More

The Last Breath

Foreword The Buddha encouraged us to develop mindfulness of death with the consideration, “Oh, were I to live just for the time of breathing in after the out-breath or breathing … Read More

Clarity of Insight

Clarity of Insight (A talk given to a group of lay meditators in Bangkok in April 1979) Meditate reciting “Buddho”, “Buddho” 1 until it penetrates deep into the heart of … Read More

Walking Meditation

Introduction In this discourse, I want to focus on the nuts and bolts of walking meditation. I shall address the how, when, where and why of this form of meditation. … Read More

The Path to Peace

The Path to Peace Today I will give a teaching particularly for you as monks and novices, so please de- termine your hearts and minds to listen. There is nothing … Read More