Twain Shall Meet

A Short History of how Western Monks came to Ajahn Chah Introduction From the mid-fourteenth century until its sack by the Burmese in 2310 (1767), Ayudhya was the capital of … Read More

Daughters and Sons

Daughters and Sons Many years ago before I was ordained as a monk, I believed that wisdom came from experience. So I left my home country of England for India, … Read More

On Love

Foreword This small book began life as a Dhamma talk given in the Thai language. After I had edited the transcribed version it was printed in Thailand under the title … Read More

Parami, Ways to Cross Lifes Floods

Touching the Earth Centuries ago a seeker, one who searches for a way beyond birth and death, was wandering through a remote valley of one of the many tributaries of … Read More

Discipline and Conventions

Introduction This guide is aimed at providing an introduction to some aspects of monastic discipline for those lay people who are interested in understanding something of the background to the … Read More

Introduction to Insight Meditation

Introduction The aim of this booklet is to serve as an introduction to the practice of Insight Meditation as taught within the tradition of Theravada Buddhism. You need not be familiar … Read More