Rugged Interdependency

Beginnings Perhaps it is impossible to say where anything really begins, nevertheless, it can be useful to map out a few landmarks here and there. Accordingly, here is a little … Read More

Rain on the Nile

Preface When Silent Rain was first compiled, back in 1993, part of the idea of producing such a varied collection of material – talks, poems, travelogues and artwork – was … Read More

Inner Listening

Inner Listening There are a number of themes that are very familiar to people who practise Buddhist meditation: ‘mindfulness of breathing’, where you focus on the rhythm of the breath; … Read More

For the Love of the World

Introduction Almost daily the media tell us that this is a time of environmental crisis. In 2012 the northern polar ice cap melted more than ever before in human memory. … Read More

Twain Shall Meet

A Short History of how Western Monks came to Ajahn Chah Introduction From the mid-fourteenth century until its sack by the Burmese in 2310 (1767), Ayudhya was the capital of … Read More

Daughters and Sons

Daughters and Sons Many years ago before I was ordained as a monk, I believed that wisdom came from experience. So I left my home country of England for India, … Read More