Twain Shall Meet

A Short History of how Western Monks came to Ajahn Chah Introduction From the mid-fourteenth century until its sack by the Burmese in 2310 (1767), Ayudhya was the capital of … Read More

Daughters and Sons

Daughters and Sons Many years ago before I was ordained as a monk, I believed that wisdom came from experience. So I left my home country of England for India, … Read More

On Love

Foreword This small book began life as a Dhamma talk given in the Thai language. After I had edited the transcribed version it was printed in Thailand under the title … Read More

Parami, Ways to Cross Lifes Floods

Touching the Earth Centuries ago a seeker, one who searches for a way beyond birth and death, was wandering through a remote valley of one of the many tributaries of … Read More