by Ajahn Liem Thitadhammo 2013 English


In the practice of Dhamma things progress bit by bit. It is not possible to force or hurry things in any way, similar to how we build this monastery1. If one wants to build a monastery, one needs to proceed gradually, bit by bit. One allows for adaptations and new developments to take place during the course of the work. This also should be the attitude towards Dhamma practice. To accomplish everything in a single day is probably impossible, so we need to go step by step.

I didn’t expect it to be too different here, as Australia and Thailand are quite similar: that people sometimes start feeling either happy or unhappy should be the same everywhere.

Of course, how one feels under certain living conditions also depends on the climate, but actually the weather only becomes something that we find difficult when our bodily resistance is weak. If we have built up some resistance, there is nothing too hard about a different climate. To think that it’s too hot or too cold isn’t the point – it’s only a matter of adapting oneself. The same is true for the practice. One cannot expect one’s practice to always go[…]”

Excerpt From: Luang Por Liem Ṭhitadhammo. “No Worries.”