Public Dhamma Talk by Luang Por Tong Inn, Oct 7

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There will be a special public Dhamma talk given by Luang Por Tong Inn on Monday Oct 7.

In robes for 61 years, Luang Por is a highly respected Dhamma teacher from the Luang Po Sri Mahāvīro lineage, a disciple of Luang Por Mun. 

Based at Wat Pa Koong in Roi-et, North-East Thailand, Luang Por has been staying at Wat Sri Intra Atula, a Thai forest monastery in Copthone Surrey, for the 3-month rains retreat. We are delighted he has accepted our invitation to visit and give a talk at Amaravati.

Evening Pūjā starts at 7.30 pm in the Temple with chanting and meditation. The talk will begin at 8.30 pm. The talk will be given in Thai language, with English translation.