Luang Por Sumedho Open Retreat May 2020 – Information and booking

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Luang Por Sumedho Open Retreat at Amaravati Monastery, May 23rd-31st, 2020.

Following the success of the first Open Retreat in May 2017, Luang Por Sumedho has offered to teach another during his visit to Amaravati in May 2020.

This is a precious opportunity for everyone to hear teachings and join in a schedule of meditation with the sangha. Luang Por Sumedho will offer a Dhamma reflection every day, with other teachers offering instruction and Q&A.

The retreat will be held in the Temple which holds approx 400 people. Camping and limited indoor accommodation at the monastery will be available for lay guests who can commit to staying for the whole week. Retreatants can also make their own arrangements to stay in nearby hotels, B&Bs etc.

Day visitors are welcome to join in the meditation and teaching sessions depending on space available.

Arrivals and Registration will take place on Saturday May 23rd. The retreat itself begins at 9am on May 24th and will end by 11.30 am on May 31st 2020.

For full information on the retreat and accommodations, please read the FAQ

Booking for the Retreat

As of December 2019 the retreat is full with a long waiting list in operation and we are no longer able to take new bookings.

If you want to come for a day or to hear the talks, you do not need to complete the Open Retreat Booking Form, simply turn up on the day that you wish for the sessions you want to attend.  However, please be aware that the Temple has limited capacity and preference will be given to those attending the whole retreat.  There will be an audio-visual relay in the Sala during the open retreat.

We regret that we are unable to have under 18s staying overnight, though they are welcome as day visitors.

Offering service by being an Event Helper

As in 2017, we are looking to have a team of people who can come to stay and serve as dedicated ‘Event Helpers’.  This would involve offering up to six hours daily of service, such as helping in the kitchens, marshalling, parking and so on. Please bear in mind when applying for this role that you will not be able to participate fully in the retreat. Event Helpers will, however, play an absolutely crucial role in making the retreat happen.

To book as an Event Helper, fill in the Event Helper Booking Form

Provisional Retreat Schedule

Please click here for some ideas for campsites, B&Bs and hotels in the area as an alternative to camping onsite. 

Link to lift share page for getting to and from the monastery for the retreat.