The building works for Nissoko and Amara Kuti started in April 2019. As you can see in the photographs, the builders are making steady progress and are on time for finishing the new buildings in December 2019.Many monastery supporters have expressed an interest in helping out with the construction programme at Amaravati and there are opportunities to contribute towards the fitting out of the two buildings. Items such as blinds, furniture, equipment and furnishings can be sponsored. A list if these items is available from the link below.

If you would like to make a donation for any of the items listed, which include VAT, delivery and installation costs where applicable, fill in the form and then make a donation:

Step 1: Select your item using the sponsorship form

Step 2: Make your donation using CAF Online Donations

Please do not buy the items yourself as this complicates suppliers guarantees and the item may already have been ordered or included in the builder’s contract. Your donation is especially effective both if you can Gift Aid it and also when the monastery can purchase it free of VAT, which individuals cannot do.

Nissoko Ground Breaking Ceremony April 2019
Old Amara Kuti before demolition
Ground Breaking Ceremony
Nissoko Foundations May/June 2019
Building delivery July 2019
Walls and floors
Nissoko going up July 2019
Amara Kuti Going up August 2019