Regular Online Events From Amaravati Monastery – Update

Sister TisaraNews

As the monastery remains closed for visitors, we plan to provide regular online teachings. Links to the live streams on Vimeo and Zoom are now included below.

Online Saturday Meditation Workshop at 2 pm BST every Saturday

The workshop includes a guided meditation session, a Dhamma reflection and Q&A. These will be lead by Ajahn Khemasiri and other senior sangha members.

Online Sunday Dhamma Q&A at 2 pm BST every Sunday Live on Vimeo URL

Ajahn Amaro responds to Dhamma questions from the community. If you have a question for the Q&A, send it in using form in the events calendar entry by noon BST on the day

Online Moon Day Pūjā and taking the Precepts at 11.10 am BST Live on Vimeo URL

Observance days: 29th April (Waxing Moon), 6th May (Full Moon, Visakhā Pūjā), May 14th (Waxing Moon), May 21st (New Moon), Friday May 29th (Waxing Moon), Friday June 5th (Full moon), Saturday June 13th (Waning Moon), Saturday June 20th (New Moon), Sunday June 28th (Waxing Moon).

Please go to our events calendar on the day for more details

The Sunday Q&A are also recorded and can be seen on the Amaravati Video Channel:

Q&A Sunday April 19th

May you all be safe and well.