World Tipitaka Foundation leading a Ceremony of Enshrinement of the Tipitaka, October 26

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The 40 volumes of the Pali Tipitaka in Roman script, prepared and published by the World Tipitaka Foundation, were offered to Amaravati Monastery in June 2019, in Bangkok.

The group has asked for permission to formally enshrine the books at Amaravati Monastery so it is planned that, on Saturday the 26th of October, the World Tipitaka Foundation will lead a ceremony to formally bring the books to Amaravati Monastery.  

This is deemed to be a very  auspicious occasion for us as it will be a unique scriptural resource – for the monastic community, lay residents and for our visitors – that will be available for many years.

Everyone is invited to attend. The ceremony will begin at 13:30, by processing with the 40 books from the Library to the Temple.

The Saturday Meditation Workshop will be held at the usual time, beginning at 14:00, but will be held in the Sala on this day.