Vassa 2018 Sunday Dhamma Talks

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From the full moon of July to the full moon of October the community enters the traditional three-month ‘Rains Retreat’ or Vassa.

For these three months there is a public Dhamma talk scheduled to take place every Sunday afternoon.  They are held in the sālā, starting at 2pm, followed by a 15 minute break for tea, then a question and answer session to 4pm.

Everyone is warmly invited to join for the talks and discussions.

Vassa Sunday Talks: Titles & Speakers
Date Title Speaker
29 July The good the bad and the Unconditioned Ajahn Amaro
5 Aug Is compassion out of fashion? Ajahn Sundarā
12 Aug Fearing to leave fear behind Ajahn Amaro
19 Aug ‘Why is peace so boring and the idea of Nibbāna so off-putting?’ Ajahn Sundarā
26 Aug Buddhism and the pursuit of wealth Ajahn Amaro
2 Sept ‘Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry,
but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?’
Ajahn Amaro
9 Sept ‘Decorum in Dacorum’ – life as a monastic in the 21st century Ajahn Kongrit
16 Sept Dukkha – an inconvenient truth Ajahn Sundarā
23 Sept Enslavement to technology Ajahn Ariyasilo
30 Sept Have you come here to die? Ajahn Nyanadassanno
7 Oct ‘How can I take the Precepts if I don’t even exist?!’ Ajahn Ariyasilo
14 Oct Wisdom develops samādhi develops wisdom Ajahn Kongrit
21 Oct ‘Gods, demons and kind spirits…’ –
meaningful myth and Buddhist cosmology
Ajahn Amaro



The talks & Q&A will be also be available on the Audio Page