Vesākha Festival (Wesak) Sunday May 22

Sister TisaraEvents & Ceremonies

The monastery invites you to our Vesākha (Wesak) celebrations, also known as ‘Buddha Day’, on Sunday May 22.

This is the public celebration of the three key events in the Buddha’s life that are traditionally considered to have taken place on the full moon of May: his birth, awakening to full enlightenment under the bodhi tree at the age of thirty five, and his final passing away, parinibbāna, aged eighty.

The day will start at approx. 10.15 am with chanting in the temple followed by a rice Pindapat and the meal offering at 11.30 am. At 1.30 pm, there will be an Anagārikā 8-precept ceremony followed by a Dhamma Talk. The talk will to be given by a visiting Thai Elder, Luang Por Toon, the abbot of Tam Saeng Paet Monastery in Thailand.

We look forward to welcoming you for this special event.