The day begins and ends with silent contemplation together; there are also periods of working meditation, some time for individual practice and for attending to personal needs. Following such a routine can be an excellent support for bringing awareness into our hearts and applying it in our daily life.

 5:00 am
Morning meeting – chanting and silent meditation

6:30 am
Daily cleanup – chores around the main area of the monastery

7:15 am
Breakfast – usually tea and cereal

8:15 am
Work period – chores and general maintenance of the monastery

10:45 am
Meal offering (11:30 am daylight saving time)

After the kitchen wash-up
Personal practice – individual meditation and study time

5:00 pm

7:30 – 8:40 pm
Evening meeting – chanting and silent meditation
(there is no evening meetings before and after the lunar observance day)

Amaravati Bell 2010

Schedule during the lunar observance days

There is no morning group meditation on the lunar observance days. The evening meeting schedule is as follows:

7:30  pm
Chanting and silent meditation

8:30 pm till midnight
Taking three refuges and eight precepts for the laity

Dhamma talk (reflective teaching) for around 60 minutes

meditation vigil until midnight

This is an open event for the public; feel free to join for as much of the evening as you like (the lunar observance days are listed on our calendar). For a printable year calendar please see the Forest Sangha website.

Puja Sangha 31-05-14

Monastic community in the Amaravati Temple

Annual Winter Retreat – January through March

Every year the monastic community will be on retreat from the beginning of January until the end of March. During this time overnight accommodation will not be available for guests. However one can apply to join the winter retreat as a support for a month or longer; for more information please contact the guest monk or nun (applications start in September the year before). Visitors can still come during the day to meditate or to help with mealtime offerings.

A Dhamma talk is usually given on Observance nights (see our calendar). The Saturday afternoon meditation workshops will continue at Amaravati, led by an experienced lay teacher. These workshops will be held in the Sala during the retreat period. Telephone messages will be processed regularly throughout this time, but in general, written enquiries will not be attended to until the beginning April.