The Winter Months (Jan-Mar) 2018

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Our monastery is usually a very active place, but starting January 3 in the evening and extending over three months to March 31, the community is on retreat. As those familiar with the monastery’s routines will know, it’s a time when the sangha turns their focus inwards for a period of prolonged formal practice, when sense-restraint and silence are particularly encouraged and outward activities put down. While the sangha is on retreat, the monastery will be supported by a group of lay men and women who ensure the continued running of the place.

Visitors are very welcome to come to participate in the meal offering at 10.45 am (10.30 am on Sundays), attend the weekly Saturday afternoon meditation workshops, spend some quiet time, use the library, attend the moon day talks and join in the group meditation in the Temple.

The sangha are expected to keep Noble Silence; as a support for their practice, please try not to engage them in casual conversation. The Saturday workshops continue, led by experienced lay teachers. They will be held in the sālā.

There is no overnight accommodation available between January 3 and  March 31. The guest monk/guest nun will not be answering booking queries until the end of March.

From Jan 3 to March 31, there is someone in the office to take calls and answer queries from 8.30-11.00 am, Mon-Fri only. At other times, there is an answer phone for leaving messages. The monastery secretary will check messages regularly but only reply to those deemed urgent. General enquiries will be filed away to be answered once the winter retreat is over.

Formal group practice timetable  (beginning of the retreat)
Formal group practice starts from 3rd January until the 8th.
Formal group meditation practice begins at 7.30pm on the 3rd January.

The routine from the 4th until 8th will be as below.

5.00am. Morning Sitting meditation/Puja
8.30-9.30 am. Short Dhamma reflection and sitting meditation
9.30-10.30am. Walking meditation
2.00-3.00pm. Sitting meditation
3.00-4.00pm. Walking meditation
4.00-5.00pm. Sitting meditation
6.00pm Dhamma readings by Ajahn Amaro
7.30 pm Evening Puja/sitting meditation

General retreat timetable
January 9-22, Afternoon and evening only
January 23 – February 7, Early morning to the meal only
February 8 – March 1, Open schedule
March 2-17, Afternoon and evening only

Formal Dhamma readings from Ajahn Amaro during the winter retreat time will start again from the 25th January and will continue until the end of March.
(Note: Dhamma readings will not be happening on observance day and the day after)

Formal group practice timetable (end of the retreat )
March 18-31, All day
(similar to the timetable of the beginning of the retreat)